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Experience a True One Network Like No Other

The reality of today’s business networks is that different network equipment lack consistency and integration. It’s common in the networking industry that equipment brands would just acquire new technologies for shorter time-to-market; as a result, products under the same brand might have totally different graphical or command-line interfaces, or similar features that perform differently. These translate into repetitive and low-efficiency works if there are dozens of devices to work on.
With the vision to help the world connect, Zyxel presents comprehensive businesses networking solutions for switches, wireless LANs, security appliances and gateways. The robust, reliable networking equipment from Zyxel-one of the few companies that possess all key technologies for all business networking product lines- enables network administrators to fully integrate switches, wireless APs and gateways in an innovative way. A uniform One Network experience across the LAN, WLAN to Gateway.
Eliminate the burden of repetitive network management tasks, bringing the ease of use to an integrated network.

Smart antenna

Co-channel interference is nowhere to hide

In today's 802.11ac wireless networking, the most annoying interference is caused by AP itself, How is that possible? Co-channel interference exists in everywhere many APs operate simultaneously.

Independent university study finds Zyxel smart antenna offers the best solution to eliminating co-channel interference.

Check out the video and see how Zyxel beat it.
Learn more about Smart Antenna.

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