Upgrading Network Speed, Security, and Guest Satisfaction at Italian Hotel

To maintain its position as a go-to venue for conferencing needs, the hotel turned to system integrator Sysdat Turismo to improve its network infrastructure, from security to wireless access to connectivity performance. Critically, it needed to protect guests’ data, separate guest networks from the internal staff network, filter malicious content, and comply with GDPR standards. Besides, it required revamped wired infrastructure to support WiFi 6 for smooth connectivity in the medium-high density environment, even during large events. Zyxel solutions were chosen as they could meet all these needs. In particular, Nebula offers simple and intuitive cloud-based network management. It allows centralized control of all Nebula-compatible devices including APs, smart managed switches, and UTM firewalls without complex management. “Nebula also guarantees constant visibility and remote monitoring, so we can intervene in real time to resolve security threats,” said Andrea Costa, Sales Executive at Sysdat Turismo. Zyxel’s USG FLEX 500 firewalls were adopted to defend against evolving cyberthreats. Armed with advanced anti-malware technology and multi-layer protection against multiple types of threats, the firewall empowers admin to restrict inappropriate application usage and web access. The hotel is satisfied with the new network for its superb reliability and stability as well as remote network management. After the deployment, the hotel has received a barrage of positive reviews for the WiFi service from its guests.

By working with Sysdat Turismo and adopting Zyxel’s Nebula solution, all our initial project needs have been met, and the customer satisfaction of our guests has risen, too.

Alessia Ruggieri
Hotel dei Congressi, Rome